Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Title: Album reviews; Mute Math

Body: Mutemath


Tele prompt

Grade: B +.

If you think that accurate math would play mute math rock or hardcore, you are wrong. After the introductory electronic tracks "collapse,", if you think that only such ambient soundscapes, play mute math you are wrong. Instead, this New Orleans Act four-piece, which appears more euros than the American at the crossroads of pop-rock and electronics and in the process make some amazing music. Influenced by past sizes using the ancient strategies of the drawing and by their own, Mute Math guitar effects of U2, the vocals of sting and the atmosphere of Radiohead, borrow, as their way through the thirteen songs on the record silk. The guitars and atmosphere are on the first legit song "Typical", and after the short electronic "after we left our homes," sting element is reflected by Paul Meany vocals on "Chaos." The movement and Cadence on the follower "consider" further cements the parallel sting and the police. One might object to such Parallels, but it's a great sound and as songs are catchy and inspiring you cannot recognize not the attraction. Math mute their attractive interactions further during the in with additional highlights from "without it," the chill electronics on "Obsolete" and the throbbing "Image". After full exposure to the record can be thought rather LA, NYC, or Europe hardly Mute Math in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you do a chance to catch Mute Math it prior to the start selling out arenas.

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