Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Title: about the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Body: Boeing aircraft were always leading in the industry and started sales of the 747-400 slow down, it was time to think about what would be the next flight. Two ideas have been on the drawing boards, the 747 X and Sonic Cruiser - both aircraft were strong competitors to 9/11/2001 disaster.

Both ideas have been put on the back burner and start a fresh new project was. Some of the most important factors were fuel efficiency, air pollution and noise reduction. Environmentalists wanted to make sure that each new aircraft were quieter and less damage to the environment would do. A level which was more fuel efficient wanted the airlines. What was it a dream true, Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" a level which has been, a long way to make everyone happy.

GA_googleFillSlotWithSize (HELAD_publishercode, "articleatfmiddlearticle300x250", 300, 250); It is a twin-engine wide body, which can comfortably accommodate 210 to 330 passengers. Roll-out was July 8, 2007 and it is already the fastest selling wide-body aircraft in history. The aircraft has a range of 8,000 to 8,500 mile and cruises at Mach. 85 (561 mph at typical cruise height). It is a full 15 "wider than the Airbus 330 or 340 and comes with a ton of features, which make it one until today the best aircraft."

It is much lighter than previous aircraft due to the use of "Composites". One of the materials consists of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, a very strong, yet lightweight material. The aircraft has been designed with larger cab Windows closer eye level was attached to the passenger. They contain materials that the Windows depending on external conditions electronically "dim".

All fluorescent tubes were replaced with LED illumination (3 color), which are 128 possible color combinations. There is an advanced air conditioning the electrical powered compressors (thus the need for engine bleed air) used, and provides a filter system, the ozone, bacteria, viruses, fungi, removes odors and irritants from the cabin.

The use of stronger composites allows higher pressure, which use the cabin height set 6,000 metres rather than the normal 8,000 in other aircraft. The composites allow also a higher humidity, a vast improvement in comfort for the passengers and the crew.

The flight deck is equipped with State of the art electronics and more as a "side stick" has remained Boeing yoke with one which gives a better feel pilots fly the aircraft. The aircraft used the "active gust alleviation system" (used on the B-2 bomber), offers a much better ride for all on board.

The composites contribute, a much lower noise level within the level and the latest technology was used to reduce the noise level outside the plane. Internet access is provided for passengers and for people with disabilities more wheelchair plane find accessible (especially in the bathroom...) Boeing 'Dreamliner' is a "dream" in the truest sense of the word...

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