Thursday, August 25, 2011

Title: Alternatives to telephone cards and traditional long distance carrier

Body: Alternatives to the outdated phone card

When you call for some reason over long distances, the minutes can kill anyone's monthly payment. Most people probably use prepaid cell phones as a way past on the Bill, but I have a few better ways that won't break the Bank. The first thing to do is display, your needs, if your only calling family then a simple pre-paid phone might be perfect. But your call constantly over long distances, then a VoIP phone it could for you completely. VoIP phones different are created because they establish a connection over a LAN connection instead of a phone line, companies like Vonage and Skype offer a range and most of these places for free have over long distances.

Buy a VoIP phone is relatively simple, and nowadays they can be had for around $20 dollars. Alternatively you don't have to even a VoIP phone because you can use a headset with most computers, add a webcam and you can video conference for less then normal telephony. VoIP is great, no matter which way you look it at because you get unlimited long-distance at half price, plus, if your a dial-up users can talk and surf at the same time. VoIP is the future of the phone user and you can on the bandwagon, which has become an attractive market.

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