Friday, August 26, 2011

Title: ACN and what makes it a pyramid scheme

Body: "ACN is the opportunity of a lifetime." "It is a simple and efficient way to start your own business." Humor please me! I recently attended an ACN "meet" and was, good humored, to say the least. The company began in the 1990s and was successful mostly away from contracts to sell. Sure, a few people was relatively prosperous how many of the company, but? A very small percentage.

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If you you are you have a $500-fee to be paid in the only break even generate the vast majority of people never enough profit. In your first month you need a certain to sign a number of customers, and find a certain number of your friends or family to sell this product. That is, if you want no money to make only 1 / 4% of the monthly phone bills of the customer. This is a classic pyramid scheme in which only a few people to the top make money during the farmers with aspirations of getting rich quick are the Empire at all.

In the session I was in, 5 people signed up, certain sales team to start a franchise with this. Has this team may 8-10 meetings per week, as so many people so easily get brainwashing? Pressure, be a sales men lure you in thinking how nice it would be, in less than 3 months of Empire. If you not register today you will miss out on enormous opportunities. This product is breakthrough technology, so sell critical mass before it hits. This product has been approved by Donald Trump. Donald Trump? Big deal, a business man who is rich, because he is famous. He sells his statements on the certificate as a 42nd Street Hooker, perhaps his casino to pay for, which he ran into the ground? In any case back to the topic, this product is not ground-breaking technology and is also no easy sell.

After years of sales experience I can tell at least what could sell, and this is definitely not on this list. It is a large bulky phone with a webcam on them. It transmits live video from a video phone to another with no better quality than a completely free chat room or e-Mail. This company offers you to pay for the communication, which is otherwise free.

If you are interested in still in these multi level marketing companies it many of them where you have to start to invest any money at all. I suggest try those, learn the system to learn before everyone at a meeting of ACN hyped up you get and go throw around for you, you have since you were save, where at the age of 10.

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