Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: Advantages & disadvantages of video phones


Step 1: People have about video phones since the phones debut at the world exhibition 1964 known, but in the first years of the 21st century the video phone is still not widely used all over the world. Video-phone production grows from a variety of reasons, but another, equally valid reasons people are not yet ready to purchase the latest, audio/video technology.

Step 2: For Hardhearing talks offer video phones chrome jewelry better understandable to make, while additional optical signals can help people with speech problems. Anyone else simply would know to go a video image looking after more sensory stimuli with one voice to appreciate. Peter write landers, the Wall Street Journal, said however, that many people do not simply want a Visual relationship on the phone. Many people still like privacy, which has to offer a basic telephone call, and they are not prepared to act this privacy for additional visual contact.

Step 3: "If you are on a business trip, your children to see if you call home at night?" Of course you do, ", said businessman and father Stephen Burke. Video conferencing provides more intimacy between families and relatives are, and reduces the cost of the transmission of video signals, people to bridge the gaps of the large distances involved more and more video phones. Video phones start in the business world for the same reasons field. As software improve company less in the direction of travel and much more in the direction of video conferencing technology, contact up that many people once to audio and discussions simply through their computer login and customize their Web cameras allows parts. Though, is for good or bad, videoconferencing not as physically present at the meeting.

Step 4: According to the Deseret News, a research group at the University of Utah in 2003 found that drive at the talking on the telephone so dangerous as the drive is drunk. If people had an additional image to focus on while they drive or walk, they would need another reason, no longer their actions follow. People at the same time, during which can use video phones, too distracted with the world around them, so that the person at the other end of the phone irritating. Video phone conversations, such as personal conversations are most prolific in low-distraction, relaxed atmosphere.

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