Sunday, August 28, 2011

Title: A visitor's Guide to Florence, Italy

Body: Florence with its splendid view and elegant atmosphere is really the artist's town. If you feel the burning need, a painting in a foreign culture, this is. Florence is the third most popular tourist destination in Italy and for good reason.

The art in this city is exquisite. You can find some great art all over the city but one element in particular with the crowd stands out... The Michaelangelo David. If you like David love Florence, because he is everywhere! There are David clones all over the city. But the real deal is in-process works in the Galleria Dell academia along with many of the masters. You have to just stop by this point. And many great art to the Palazzo Vecchio.

GA_googleFillSlotWithSize (HELAD_publishercode, "articleatfmiddlearticle300x250", 300, 250); If you are looked through art and are looking for somewhere to eat, there are a few places to mind come. The Trattoria za-za is a string of outdoor restaurants, which each have their own unique flavor. It is a very popular and find warm and inviting atmosphere. Festival del gelato is another strip of restaurants, which provides a taste of life in this fair site.

With regard to night life, you have some options. Central Park is exhibitions and live music a great place to go to see all kinds of performance art shows, live. Space Park electronic night club is like half half Club amusement park. They go inside and have so many options that it is almost overwhelming. One is fun when you watch the feeling like that, the other is great, if you like dancing feel.

In my view, this is one of the most interesting places of the world. Get a real taste for life in a place like this. It of easy to see, such as its picturesque views and warm people produce a much great art could lead. This should be at the top of the list, if you are planning to travel to Italy.

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