Monday, August 29, 2011

Title: about the writers E-reader

Intro: Published in the year 2010, the sharper image was fulfilled writers e-reader tray with mixed reviews of technology publications. Although praised for its color LCD display screen and Wi-Fi capability, the writers of some bulky and slow performance compared to the market-leading Kindle and nook e-readers criticized. Taking into account features and functions of the machine is the best way to decide whether the device meets the criteria for an e-reader.

Step 1: Designed, to anywhere, writers are taken measures 8.5 inches long and 4.5 cm wide and 0.5 inch deep and weighs 12.5 oz. The device comes with a seven-inch thin-film transistor active-matrix color display. Equipped with 512 MB of internal memory, the machine has supported an integrated MiniSD card slot, the MiniSD and MiniSDHC cards for extended memory. Add files and data synchronization can join the writers to a PC via a USB cable. The Tablet full QWERTY keyboard is located directly below the display screen.

Step 2: the sharper image writers comes with a built-in Bookstore, you access the Kobo online bookstore which offers more than two million titles, including books, cookbooks, magazines, and newspapers. The Tablet also comes pre-loaded with digital versions of 25 classic novels and gives you easy access to an another 125 from Kobo Bookstore. These free eBooks include titles such as "Sense and sensibility," "Beowulf", "Anne of Green Gables" and "Moby Dick".

Step 3: With its memory and installed the writers easily supports thousands of e-books and catalogues which all content can be searched by title, author, and Favorites. You can bookmark, anywhere within an eBook on the writers, so that you pick up where you left off your seat. You can also install Kobo apps on a variety of mobile devices such as mobile phones and laptops, the also give you access to your library and the Kobo-Bookstore website.

Step 4: The sharper image writers gives you the ability to customize the display screen setting fit your personal preferences. For example, the computer can you script and text which adjust the screen content. You can also change the display night mode, changes to the text in white and background, black, so it's easier to read in dark environments. The writers supports EPUB and PDF file formats and is available black and white. Kobo Bookstore offers books from an assortment of categories, including history, romance, biography, religion and spirituality. The bookstore also provides links to sections on their website, top 50 best selling offers intended for news, new products and the website.

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