Monday, August 29, 2011

Title: All that your feeds are belong to us!

Body: I ' ve been working with Feed43 and feedburner RSS feeds create category pages. (If you ' working again with AWS, these are equivalent to the "Field browse" pages.)

It ' s slow work, but I ' m stubborn. and one day hopefully at least all pages. (You find a book about something so I think that books of the perfect central category for other related spinoffs are.)

You can use these feeds licenses of any way under their respective Creative Commons that you like. Copy scripting additions in RSS-enabled sites like HubPages or Squidoo (I ' m sure there are others, and will soon be many more, but these are the two I ' m aware right now)

The feeds have embedded my Amazon Associate ID in them (of course), but they are still a good tool for rapid prototyping. If your site can "You takes off" in other Amazon links (taken from the original list feed generated) change or, if it ' s a dud, maybe you won ' 't want to disturb. You can simply subscribe using your favorite aggregator and of course I won ' t object, when you buy something.

I ' m in HubPages, new and had a lot of trouble the page generation for such a long list, but the feeds are all there (I think), and since I ' to must, to this HubPage in 1 MB break go segmented later as, m I ' m afraid you ' ll need to only the best you can find links in the confusion. (This page is intended for search engines really.)

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