Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: Benefits of Cabinet Panel radiator

Body: Cabinet cooler are Panel electronic control panels cooling used. This is a very cost effective and reliable way do. This cooler offer cold air in electronic enclosures, in which the electrical and electronic connections, help located at the end of the heat, dirt and moisture. These devices use Vortex tubes, which help to produce cold air from compressed air.

Built-in relief valve in the cooler will help exhaust hot air. All quality Cabinet panel radiators are NEMA 4 NEMA 4 X and NEMA 12 compatible. NEMA reviews provide standardization of electrical equipment.

NEMA 4 and NEMA 4 X standards require features oil and dust resistant, tight and corrosion-resistant environment. NEMA 12 standards call for dust, oil and corrosion-resistant environment where should come no liquids with the unit in contact. These standards call for to help the panel radiators with type 303 stainless steel, wet and resist corrosive environments are constructed.

Standard specifications good quality Cabinet Panel radiator are vertically mounted on smooth surfaces and are easy to install. Electrical and electronic case normally have air vents and openings so that hot air and for air to come to pass. However, if you need to install such panel cooler, all air intakes and vents are closed. This is the hot and humid air inside the enclosure type to stop.

When you install the Cabinet panel radiators and their continuous operation is the relative humidity inside the enclosure made of 45%. Good quality Cabinet panel radiators come with dirt and water filter. These filters can filter particles as small as 5 microns and come with auto-drain configuration. You must use an oil filter with a 0.3-Micron rating may be you, imagine if presence of oil in your compressed air supply.

The filter arrangement in the incoming row of compressed air is normally the filter separator, followed by oil separators remove and one regular filters. To reduce the noise level, the possibility of a cold muffler installed.

The control cabinet cooler have also solenoid valves and thermostat, the the flow of compressed air, so that they only if from the requirements of to limit the temperature inside the required. Thermostat is an option, and many models come with him.

Advantages of Cabinet Panel cooler offer a number of advantages. For a they are noiseless, compact and lightweight and are quite affordable.

These coolers have no moving parts, and so are practically maintenance-free; are quick and easy to install; are free of any fans or filter (except in the incoming row compressed air); No CFC have. You have a robust stainless steel body, which is resistant to water and corrosion. You effectively stabilize temperature and humidity in the electrical and electronics package.

Panel radiator have other applications, such as cooling brazed parts, machining operations, heat seals, among other things. Cabinet Panel radiator can in environments with temperatures up to 200Â ° C (93Â ° C) are used.

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