Saturday, August 27, 2011

Title: Adult education; Overview of e-portfolio

Body: seat in modern decor of the evidence, teaching, learning and practice; People tend to think and make use of content, information, and procedure, the of proof or research findings are supported. It seems to give more credibility as well as recognition in the direction of someone or something, which is therefore socially acceptable. The use of evidence-based, which has reached a person is the basis for the development of a "portfolio".

GA_googleFillSlotWithSize (HELAD_publishercode, "articleatfmiddlearticle300x250", 300, 250); Initially, the portfolio is a collection of documents such as certificates, literature, CDs, paper articles, notes executed by the owner of the portfolio, learning agreements, presentations, handouts, Photos…etc. What type of portfolio is built and its purpose depends on the elements and their use. But ultimately, many would be arranged at the end with a huge pile of documents in multiple files or a large file, in settings where the portfolio must be, presented and carried out. These settings could be teaching-learning activities or else even use interviews, tests, business meetings.

The whole point to have a "portfolio" is a way to include, what has been achieved and how it was achieved in a portable way. The traditional portfolios are that time portability quickly could be lost due to their heavy. With the increasing use of the Internet and electronic documentation, and with a tendency to the online or via e-Mail to communicate had it the way to collect evidence and material, or otherwise such material in electronic format develop paved. So can a collection of such material, which performs the function of a portfolio, as an ' ePortfolio' be described.

ePortfolios have a long way travelled, since its introduction. Opportunities were given more and more users to develop and maintain portfolios on the Web itself with increased use of the Internet and give it the chance to spread or to develop the content from anywhere and access to people that requires seeing the portfolio from anywhere.

With the development of online learning environments or virtual learning environments; wider recognition as a learning tool, as well as a policy gained the use of ePortfolios. Even more important is the cornerstone of 'Reflexive practice', has become, and some is therefore an integral part of modern day students centered, even addressed and evidence based learning activities.

It is expected that the choosing 'portfolio' and thus more and more software and methods in the construction and operation of such portfolios are developed over time. But only time will tell, the evolution of the ePortfolio, as it already passed the wildest dreams of its creators.

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