Saturday, August 27, 2011

Title: Amazon Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader touch Edition

Body: Update: If you want more information please check out the latest generation Kindle 3 my hub about Amazon Kindle 3

Two features to purchase make me want an Amazon Kindle 2 instead of a Sony Reader. I'm attracted to them both. I like their sleek modern look, their ability, keep more books than I ever just could read eyes in a lifetime and their on the screens.

Read to me

There are differences, however, that increases my preference of the Amazon Kindle. The number one feature that I ask is the read-to-me feature. This feature alone is the price value. That offended by this feature should the possibility of review, the it more from their books, e-books, audio books, newspapers or magazines could sell. Admittedly, I'm not a reader. There is not enough time in my life, sit with a good book †"digital or not." There are probably millions of people who feel as well.

All books for the Amazon Kindle with the read-to-me feature not available at this time. The author can choose whether or not to participate. That should be their choice.

In other words, I love the written word. There are many books that I would and should be read. However, it is slightly longer than an article too long. I read magazine articles and Web articles, because they get to the point. Give me a device that reads the words to me, while I drive, while I work on my computer, or while I do every day â € my job, "I'm sold."

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