Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Title: ACN IRIS 3000 videophone installation tips and tricks

Body: I'm getting new gadgets enthusiastic and extraordinary find ACN IRIS 3000 video phone Wasan. I have much learned what must happen for this to work in order, and where they can be used.The ACN IRIS 3000 needed videophone high high speed Internet at least1. 5 MPs. have you Internet at a speed of at least 1.5 MPs (Whichis true of all high-speed DSL/cable service), your Iris 3000 videophone works great. Check your Internet speed, go to and follow the.Once you have determined your Internet speed, everything what remains close, do this to an end of an Ethernet cable into your Iris 3000 and Otherend in your modem or router. If the Ethernet cable is connected, you simply turn on the phone. It takes about a minute for the phone to powerup and connected to the network and after, the phone is ready for use!A question that is often asked, "what, if I want my phone somewhere put the House, which is not close to my modem or router, I then want to do?" To this end, ACN sells some video phone links. Can you this with = 1 & repId = 01868499.They are very easy to install. Simply plug an Ethernet cable in Therouter or modem, and then the other end into the video phone link. Oncethe cable is connected on both ends, simply plug the video phone Linkinto the wall outlet. Now that you want to put your ACNvideo phone you take the other video phone link and close, that an integrate outlet. From there take a different Ethernet cable Andconnect an end in the video phone link and others in the videophone, and you're done! The message will travel from video Phonethrough of the Ethernet cable, the phone links and then through Theelectrical wires to an another phone link and then out through your high speed Internet. The only limitation on the video phone link it that max is the distance that the video phone links should be apart 200Meters.Another is frequently asked question, "what happens to my other phones when Iconnect video phone?" "More they work?" This is a Greatquestion and the simple answer is - not it no longer works. Advanced test ring along with the video phone, and you can pick up all listeners-Indian property and talk or you can pick up the video phone. You can even familiar existing wireless Telefone.Dies is what you need, to do, to work for all your Phonesin the House. Once your ACN IRIS 3000 video phone is connected, connect one end of a normal phone cable with the video phone and Connectthe at the other end with the standard telephone wall jack. Once connected to the phone Cableis the signal is by the video phone and then route travel informations in your House in your Existingphone Linien.Jetzt will work all of your phones in the House as normal. You Canreceive calls from your existing phones, as well as dial-out and Asuse your ACN video phone when ever you like!I hope that you this found helpful! You can buy a video phone at

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